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Football came from the European game that we call Rugby in 1879. Back then football pads weren’t as protective as the ones we have these days. When it first started, helmets were made out of thick leather with no chin strap. Also instead of having 11 players on the field for a team there were 15. After that was established, it was to hard to score so they lowered it to 11.

Football is a very physical sport, you can suffer from broken bones, concussions, torn muscles, and etc. As football progressed, there was much better protection than before, but injuries still occur often. The basics of football are that the game is played with 2 teams, a touchdown is scored by running it into the end zone and it is worth 6 points. You can score an extra point by kicking the ball through the field goal after a touchdown, that is worth 1 point. Three points is when the ball is kicked through the field goal without scoring a touchdown. The defense tries to stop the offense from scoring, and the offense tries to score on the defense. The offense has 4 tries to make it to 10 yards, if they don’t make it, the other team gets the ball.

Football is a very hard sport to play, but can be easy to understand. To get to the NFL you have to play in college and high school, but if you start then it’s going to be really hard. But if you start before high school, you’ll know more about the game and what you’re good at and not good at. If you don’t practice you won’t have a chance of making it to the big leagues, and this counts for every sport. As they always say, “Practice makes perfect.”

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Yesterday was National Limerick Day! Limericks are poems that are five lines long, they’re funny and most of the time they don’t make sense. The trickiest part of limericks is that lines 1, 2 and 5 have to rhyme and lines 3 and 4 have to rhyme. Also lines 1, 2 and 5 have to have 8 or 9 syllables and lines 3 and 4 have to have 5 or 6 syllables. Everyone got to share their limericks yesterday and they were all really good but most of them were funny.

Here are a couple of my own

Russell’s Crash


Russell took a really big crash

next he started to eat the trash

then the racoon came up

and gave him a thumbs up

then the racoon took off in a flash


Makai wings


There once was a boy named Makai

and he wanted to fly to the sky

suddenly he got wings

then he started to spring

into the french fries

All About Me

Hello, my name is Ethan I’m 11 years old and my birthday is January 25th 2003. I have a family of four and we have one dog. My favorite thing to do is play sports, I play football and basketball. For basketball, I play for the Eagle Ridge team. My favorite subjects are History, English, and Gym. For my free time at home I like to play Madden 15 or go outside and play basketball. My favorite candy is skittles and my favorite food is fried chicken. My favorite movie is Ride Along and my favorite color is blue. My favorite animal is a raccoon because I like how they have the mask around their eyes.